Good Look, Good Fit, High Quality: The Hydro-Turf Story

Hydro-Turf has been a leader in the performance traction industry for more than 30 years.

The company started out in the 1980s as Jet Strip (which produced vivid, color padding products for jet ski riders) and then launched as Hydro-Turf in 1990 under the leadership of company president Arno Olbricht.

Over the last three decades, Hydro-Turf has served the needs of the race industry and recreational riders and have been honored with numerous industry awards.

In recent years Hydro-Turf has expanded its reach to include many other new customers, including standup paddle boarders. In 2008, HT Moto was launched with products for on- and off-road motorcycles.

The Watercraft Journal declares that Hydro-Turf "has become so synonymous with performance traction products that a ski bare of some HT product is more rare than those without it."

Hydro-Turf uses only U.S.-based manufacturing for all of its products. We pride ourselves on products that look good, fit well, and are made with high-quality materials and workmanship.

In 2017 our company was honored with the Yamaha Motor Corp. Supplier Excellence Award.

In 2021, Hydro-Turf Relocated its base of Operations to Clearwater, Florida.